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Standbytes.com exists motivated by passion and curiosity in order to help foster awareness of better practices, superior tools, proven methodologies and techniques within the software development community.

As a content provider, i hope to publish precise and knowledgeable information, and guide conversations by sharing my personal experiences learning about and engaging in the process of software engineering. I strive to keep my content technical and only produce as much new content on a weekly basis as a reader can read in detail in single sitting.

I focus on building up practices, as opposed to tearing down practices.  Tearing down practices involve finding faults with and pointing out shortcomings of techniques, tools and methodologies.   Building up practices involve showing what works, rather than what doesn’t.

I hope that you will find valuable content at Standbytes.com and that what you find here will help you succeed in your software development pursuits!

About Bahaa Ibrahim

A Software Engineer having a passion for building and maintaining software, web, mobile and applications. Having around 5 years of professional & freelancing experience in the field of Android and Flutter Development with expertise in Android (Mobile and Wearable), Java, OOP, SQL, C, C++. Substantial experience with mobile Video live-streaming, FinTech and E-Commerce apps.

Currently, I work as a Mobile Engineer at AKWAD, Mentor & Code Reviewer at Udacity and Content Creator for Standbytes.

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